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Running Dana programs without DANA_HOME configured


I need to run Dana in a "zero-install" way (within Docker) and I can't easily set the DANA_HOME environment variable. Is it possible to run Dana in this way without any installation steps?



Hi Noah,

Yes, this is possible (and I think it's quite common when people are bundling Dana directly with their application code for distribution).

You'll still need to make the two core binaries executable: chmod +x dana dnc

But you can then use the command-line parameter -dh to set the Dana home directory explicitly to the runtime (or to the compiler).

So, you would normally set your working directory to the place that has your application code, then do:

/absolute/path/dana -dh /absolute/path/ MyApp.o

Where /absolute/path/ is the location containing the executable files dana and dnc.

Hope that helps :-)


Hi, that worked perfectly, thank you!