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This program shows how we can draw some simple charts, using Dana's chart library.

Create a new file Main.dn and open it in a text editor. We're going to use the same dependencies as a simple GUI application, plus a chart (we'll start with a bar chart). We start with this code in our new file:

component provides App requires ui.IOLayer coreui, ui.Window,
				stats.chart.Category:bar {


The App interface has one function called main. Any executable component will implement App, indicating it has a main method that Dana can launch.

We now need to implement our App interface, which we'll do like this:

component provides App requires ui.IOLayer coreui, ui.Window,
				stats.chart.Category:bar {

Window window

eventsink AppEvents(EventData ed)
	if (ed.source === coreui && ed.type == IOLayer.[ready])
	   else if (ed.source === window && ed.type == Window.[close])

void startApp()
	window = new Window("MyWindow")
	window.setSize(250, 150)
	Category chart = new Category:bar()
	chart.setSize(250, 150)
	chart.addSample("Gnomes", new dec[](1.0, 5.0, 10.4, 4.3))
	chart.addSample("Elves", new dec[](1.5, 2.79, 9.91))
	sinkevent AppEvents(window)

int App:main(AppParam params[])
	//initialise the system-level UI framework
	//listen for startup events from the system
	sinkevent AppEvents(coreui)
	//run UI system loop, which blocks until last window closed
	return 0


Most of this code is the same as our simple GUI example: we prepare the GUI subsystem, wait for a ready event, then create our window. We then instantiate a new Category:bar instance, add some categories, and configure the chart's axis behaviour.

We can now compile the program using the Dana compiler. Open a command-prompt in the directory containing your source code file and type:

dnc Main.dn

And pressing enter. This will compile your component.

We run the program using Dana's interpreter by typing:

dana Main

And pressing enter. You should see your simple bar graph drawn on the screen.

If you like, you can change the requires interface stats.chart.Category:bar to be stats.chart.Category:box for a box plot instead, and also change the corresponding chart instantiation line to be Category chart = new Category:box().

The full list of standard interfaces that you can use in requires directives can be viewed at the Dana API pages along with documentation of each one. In this example we used:

You might also like to explore alternative charts using the APIs: